Maybe there’s no food lover who doesn’t know the name of Costes.
This is the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Hungary which was also chosen as 25th best restaurant in the world and 14th in Europe.

In June, 2015 we started a new chapter in our life. We opened Costes Downtown.
In the new restaurant we wait for all the gastronomy lovers with breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.
The guarantee of the same quality is the Portuguese star-chef, Miguel Vieira's professionalism. Furthermore in Costes Downtown we prepare the meals in open kitchen. Thus the real gastro fanatics can book a seat at Chef's Table.

Of course Costes is open as well and we are waiting for our guests in Downtown with more friendly, more “bistro-like” environment with relaxed atmosphere, lower prices and bigger capacity.

We keep one thing. Now both of our restaurants have the same motto:

“Quality gastronomy without compromises.”

Costes Downtown awarded with Michelin star!
Costes Downtown awarded with Michelin star!

We gladly inform our guests that our restaurant got the Michelin Star.

Congratulations to our sister restaurant, the Costes restaurant, the Onyx restaurant, the WineKitchen and the Tanti to keep the star!

4th rank of the top 10 restaurants in the country
4th rank of the top 10 restaurants in the country

At Dining Guide's Restaurant-of-the-Year 2016 gala Costes Downtown was ranked fourth among the restaurants in the country.Congratulations to our sister restaurant Costes for winning second.

​Vote for Costes Downtown Restaurant on Best of Budapest Hungary
​Vote for Costes Downtown Restaurant on Best of Budapest Hungary

Vote for Costes Downtown Restaurant on Best of Budapest & Hungary and win an exclusive dinner for 2 Persons!

Chef's Table reservation
Table reservation
In case of reservation for group above 5 persons, please inquire by phone in advance.
Cannot find the right date? »
Please take a look at when we have free tables!
I would not like to book for another time. »
We cannot guarantee your reservation. If there is free table, we will send you an e-mail immediately.
Choosing another time
Table reservation

In the following we would like to provide you some useful information in order to enjoy "uncompromising Fine Dining" as our motto says.
As a "Fine dining" restaurant, we use fresh, unique and prime ingredients, furthermore prepare our fresh meals with special technical solutions.
Our meals are not big, abundant servings because we would like to offer the chance to taste our whole menu to our guests. The meals are the perfect compositions from Miguel Rocha Vieira, our Chef and show their best taste prepared on the original way. Thus please trust our waiters’ recommendation and ask modification in making in case of special occasions, e.g. food allergy, etc.
We would like to offer an evening-length experience. Please note tasting and enjoying the menu could take up to three hours, depends on number of meals.
In our restaurants the invoice includes 12% service fee. Please raise an objection to service before having the bill because in this case we will not bill the service fee.
A la carte dining is available from [X] to [X] people because of capacity of our kitchen.
For bigger groups we could serve previously discussed menu because we could guarantee the best quality for you just in this case.
Every meal is prepared with fresh ingredients, so we kindly suggest to tables ordering the same amount of meals for avoiding the unnecessary waiting.
We ask deposit in case of reservations from groups from six. The amount of deposit and technical details are discussed during the verification of reservation.
In case of any kind of food allergy or hypersensitivity to any ingredient please indicate it during the table reservation so that our colleagues are able to prepare it with the appropriate ingredients.
Our restaurant is non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed in front of the restaurant.
Due to our open kitchen pets are not allowed in restaurant.
There are security cameras in the restaurant. We will give records for police in case of crime and if it is required.
Our restaurant is wheelchair accessible.
We accept any liability for items are placed by our staff in the cloakroom.
In case you arrive by car, we offer free parking in Prestige Hotel depending on available parking places. Please indicate if you would like to use the garage during the reservation process (in "Comment" section). Please inform the dispatcher that you were the guest of Costes Downtown Restaurant.
There is not special dresscode in the restaurant. Please respect our other guests with your proper and clean outfit.
Thank you for your kind attention!
Press on the "Next" button to finalize the reservation with the necessary personal data.

Table reservation
Details of reservation
    Personal data
    Thank you for your reservation!

    Your reservation is accepted after receiving our confirmation e-mail.

    If your reservation is due more than 24 hours, we will contact you for a last verification. If we cannot contact you, we kindly ask for your confirmation three hours before planned arriving. Without your confirmation we have to delete your reservation. Thus your reservation is valid if you can confirm it in 24 hours before arriving and verify your reservation again.

    Please answer our e-mails for avoiding the inconveniences and call us back at least in three hours before arriving. Thank you in advance!

    Table reservation Chef's Table reservation

    Costes Downtown has the unique option for our guest to get an insight into the fine dining experience up close.
    Our Chefs create a 6 courses surprise tasting menu what they will explain to you personally. The menu includes the aperitif and the matching wine pairing as well. Our guests have possibility to talk with the chefs.

    There are two options for reserving the Chef’s table.
    1. The maximum capacity are 8 persons at the Chef’s Table. If our guest would like to reserve the table only for them there are a price (€ 900) and in this case, no one else dines at the table at the same time.
    2. If the guest doesn’t mind if there can dine other people at the same time, we will not ask any other fee, only the tasting menu’s price. The surprise menu is €150/person.

    Our reservation policy for Chef’s table: we ask 75€/person advance payment as a deposit. This amount will have deducted from your final bill.

    About Us
    About Us

    Costes Downtown, the sister restaurant of Costes (the first Michelin-star-awarded restaurant in Hungary) was opened in June 2015 and is now welcoming guests to its laid back, bistro-style environment. The restaurant, located in the elegant Prestige Hotel, is accessible via a private street entrance. It is open every day of the week (6:30am to midnight), offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The daily operation is run by chef Tiago Sabarigo and standards are overseen by executive chef Vieira.

    A bistro concept with fine-dining subtleties, Costes Downtown offers international cuisine with Hungarian influence. Breakfast is comprised of high-quality local artisan products, and provides a suitable ambiance for business breakfasts as well as friendly gatherings. Lunch options include salads and burgers as well as a prix fixe business lunch. Dinner is fine dining for the lovers of gastronomy.

    At Costes Downtown the dishes are prepared in an open kitchen, next to which is a chef’s table for serious culinary fans seeking a unique dining experience.

    Contact Us

    H-1051 Budapest,
    Vigyázó Ferenc Street 5.

    Phone: +36 1 920 1015
    (Available: 1000 to 2200 (CET))

    Fax: +36 1 920 1015

    Information, reservation:

    executive chef: Miguel Rocha Vieira
    Sous Chef: Tiago Sabarigo
    Sous Chef: Petra Tischler
    Owners: Károly Gerendai, Ernő Mesterházy, Gábor Szigedi, Márton Anka

    Breakfast: 0630-1030
    Lunch: 1200-1530
    Dinner: 1830-2300

    Our restaurant is accessible from Széchenyi István tér. If you are arriving by car, we offer free parking in the garage of Prestige Hotel, which is located next to the restaurant.