During dinner service, our Executive Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira, proposes a variety of Vegetarian, Gluten Free and regular Tasting Menus consisting of Four (4) Five (5) or Six (6) Courses prepared applying different modern techniques on locally grown, fresh ingredients.  Apart from the traditional menu-wine pairings, we also pair the chosen menu with locally handcrafted beers, or our own selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic infusions created by our head barman.


From Monday to Friday, we welcome our guests with Three (3), Four (4) or Five (5) Course Business Lunch proposals found on a healthy lifestyle and the support towards small Hungarian farms delivering freshly grown ingredients from all over the country.  These menu offers convey a playful first encounter with the fine dining to an audience longing for a more laid-back experience at an affordable price. The venue is equally fitted and comfortable for a romantic lunch and/or a business meeting.


We have partnered with small families’ wineries growing local grape varieties in historical Hungarian wine regions. Some of these varieties are used to produce
limited wine bins by some of our partners which we often visit and engage with during the harvest and often tasting sessions too. We offer a large selection of wines by the glass and we keep them in pristine condition using vacuum stoppers. This preservation system permits us to offer some fine and rare delights. The wineries we conspire with are just like us – progressive, independent and their wines have a reputation for having character, a true sense of place and are a perfect
accompaniment to food.

Wine list